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"RiTa – Rückenwind in der KiTa" (Tailwind in the Daycare/KiTa)

By participating in the project "rückenwind+", the association of catholic daycare centers for children in the diocese of Essen, which sponsors 269 daycare centers, intends to enhance the management and personnel leadership skills of managers, foster junior managers and further develop the leadership and business culture of its facilities.

In the last years, the expectations placed upon managers and daycare center managements have changed dramatically due to legal provisions. Growing quality standards requirements claimed by politicians and parents, as well as increased demands, e.g. due to the higher number of places for children under 3, in the frame of child protection or by regulations in the children's education law (KiBiz) require specialized leadership skills of the management. Our aim is to prepare them for the management role and strengthen their management competences in the frame of tailored training sessions, among other things.

The project "RiTa - Rückenwind in der KiTa" (Tailwind in the Daycare/KiTa) was started to achieve this target. Our daycare association "KiTa Zweckverband" (KiTa ZV) is supported by the European Social Fund (ESF) to carry out this project. This project funding started in October 2016 and ends in September 2019.

The project "RiTa - Rückenwind in der KiTa" (Tailwind in the Daycare/KiTa) is financially supported by the European Social Fund.

Heike Christmann

Heike Christmann, KiTa-Leitung
St. Antonius Abbas, Essen

„Bei der Bewältigung der vielfältigen Aufgaben in Leitungspositionen, tut es gut, Unterstützung in Form des Projektes RiTa zu erfahren.“

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